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Kevin Axtell


Public Speaker


Event Producer

Master Firewalking Instructor 


More than an expert juggler. Kevin is known worldwide as a dynamic entertainer. With his sharp juggling knives, and sharper wit, he blends comedy, juggling, circus, magic, fire (when appropriate), and stunts with upbeat energy and a positve message. The result is unique, inspiring, and memorable.


Winner of several international juggling awards and medals.


Kevin has a long list of performance credits spanning 15 years. 

As director of The Firewalking Center he is an accomplished motivational speaker and firewalking instructor.  In 2011 he became a partner in the Flow Arts Institute, the nations leading Flow Arts festival producers. They have now grown to 7 annual events all over the country every year.

Kevin was recently promoted to General Manager of the countries longest running fire and Flow Arts festival FireDrums XIV.




Performance credits include:


Nike (OR)

Gallow Winery (CA)

FastBucks (TX)

Purdue University (Indiana)

Objectify Festival (Aus)

CwBoost (Amsterdam)

Innovative IDM (TX) 

Black Oak Casino and Resort (CA)

Barullo Circus Convention (Mexico)

Lucidity (Santa Barbara)

Performing Animal Welfare Society (LA) 

International Jugglers Association

Sonora Celtic Fair (CA)

Humboldt State University (CA)

FireDrums Festival (CA)

Soroptimist International (CA)

Phases of the Moon Music (Illinois) 

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival (CA)

Kinetic Fire Festival (OH)

Pacific Fire Gathering (OR)

City of Sonora Magic of the Night (CA)

The New Renaissance Total Immersion  (MI)

The Kinetic Fire Festival (OH)

Ignight Fire Conference (LA)

F.I.R.E. Trainings (TX)


Contact or call 1-209-353-6327

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